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At the lowest prices anywhere in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

All Was to Our Satisfaction

Hello thank you for the report and your message, all was to our satisfaction.

Mati, Davao Oriental

My sincere gratitude

My sincere gratitude for the work you do, and your words of wisdom.


Words Cannot Explain the Joy

We send this message teary eyed. Words cannot begin to explain the joy that we are experiencing having found out the results.

Paranaque City

We're So Grateful

Wow!!!! Great job!!! We're so grateful we have chosen well. Thank you very much!!!

Metro Manila

Easy, Fast, Friendly

Overall very easy, fast and friendly with a great price. Got the test results just one week after sending them [the specimens] out. Thumbs up and thanks a lot.


Job Well Done

I thank you and your team for a job well done. Keep it up! I hope you can help more Filipino family to resolve their issues as like this.

Paranaque City

God Bless!

You are a big help to those who are hesitant to undergo DNA testing because they fear of the high cost … Again, my gratitude to you in serving my brother in law and to myself as well. God bless!

Lapu-lapu City

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How much does a Paternity DNA Test cost in Asia and the Middle East

Australia247AUDFlag of Australia
Bahrain68BHDFlag of Bahrain
Bangladesh13,939BDTFlag of Bangladesh
China1,159CNYFlag of China
Hong Kong1,389HKD30px-Flag_of_Hong_Kong.svg
India12,019INRFlag of India
Iran5.4MIRRFlag of Iran
Iraq213KIQDFlag of Iraq
Japan21,922JPYFlag of Japan
Kuwait54KWDFlag of Kuwait
Laos1,478,096LAKFlag of Laos
Malaysia768MYRFlag of Malaysia
Mongolia358,985MNTFlag of Mongolia
Myranmar230,915MMKFlag of Myanmar
New Zealand267NZDFlag of New Zealand
Oman69OMRFlag of Oman
Pakistan18,687PKRFlag of Pakistan
Philippines8500PHPFlag of the Philippines
Qatar657QARFlag of Qatar
Russia12,417RUBFlag of Russia
Saudi Arabia685SARFlag of Saudi Arabia
Singapore252SGDFlag of Singapore
South Korea212,475KRWFlag of South Korea
Sri Lanka25,559LKRFlag of Sri Lanka
Taiwan1,159TWBFlag of Taiwan
UAE670AEDFlag of UAE

e-Commerce + Laboratory Automation Make us Fast & Efficient

Advanced laboratory robotics have driven down the cost of high accuracy DNA testing. eCommerce saves on staff.
eCommerce saves you the salaries of “friendly” people who spend an hour on the telephone taking your order!

Hair, Nails Toothbrushes even Condoms

We can process many alternative sources of DNA if any of your test participants are deceased or uncooperative.
Blood, Sperm, Hair, Cigarette Butts, Used Tissues, Drinking Glass to name a few

The CHEAPEST DNA test in Asia is also THE BEST

Advanced automation makes us cheap and fast. Double testing assures 100% accuracy. Both AABB and ISO certified.

With additional Certs from


First we revolutionized DNA testing in the Philippines. Then we made our low prices, hyper-fast service, and 100% accuracy available to the rest of Asia and the Persian Gulf.

For your convenience, you can order our most requested test, the DNA home paternity test, here on this page even with an older cell phone. If you have never bought anything online and are unsure what buttons to click, we have prepared step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures.
  • HomeTest-Top

Home Paternity DNA Test

From: ₱8,500

  • Quickly and accurately determine whether a man is or is not the father of a child. Easy as 1-2-3:
    1. Collect your DNA in the privacy of your home via simple mouth swab.
    2. Mail the cotton buds to the lab.
    3. Lab work takes 2-3 days. You will receive a detailed test report via email that you may print. We do not supply hardcopy reports for home tests.
  • The same high quality testing as our Legal DNA test at a fraction of the price. Double testing + double accreditation leaves no room for doubt. Beware of unaccredited labs. No extra charge to test the mother’s DNA.
  • Secret DNA tests are available when persons are unavailable or uncooperative. We also accept anonymous tests — No need to use your real name if you are shy.
  • Alert! See below for instructions if there is more than one possible father and they are related (e.g. brothers).
  • No hidden charges! Price includes testing supplies upon request.  You are only responsible for the small cost of postage.

Please scroll down for an explanation of your testing options and access to our sample test reports.

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Quickly and easily determine whether a man is or is not the true father of a child

We do not charge extra for testing the mother’s DNA and greatly encourage that you do so unless she is deceased or insanely uncooperative. Any lab that attempts to charge you extra for testing the mother should be treated with suspicion as discussed in our FAQ: Why Do We Test the Mother at No Extra Charge?

We operate online but still have strong community ties. We are fully licensed and registered with the Department of Trade (DTI) so you can check our record easy enough. We are well-known to our colleagues at the PNP National DNA Crime Lab and, in fact, they refer us cases. We are active in the Rotary Club and other community organizations.

We operate online in order to serve all of Asia with affordable DNA testing. There is simply no need to incur expensive travel to avail of modern DNA testing. It is quite simple to collect DNA specimens in the privacy of your home or at your attorney’s office. In fact, you already leave your DNA pretty much everywhere you go, just like your fingerprints. In fact, your fingerprints contain your DNA as well.

You are welcome to visit us in Roxas City, Capiz when you visit the Philippines.

The #1 question that we are constantly asked is: “Why are your DNA Paternity and Family Relationship Tests priced so low?” Frankly, the question they should be asking is why are others charging such high prices? And why do they take weeks, sometimes months, to process a case? Have these laboratories failed to invest in modern technology? Or have they simply “forgotten” to lower their prices as their costs have dropped year-after-year?

Modern laboratories are highly automated. Liquid handling robots process 384 specimens simultaneously per head and the latest machines have two heads. Sophisticated software evaluates your DNA sequences against population databases consisting of millions of people. Bar coding assures your specimens move rapidly through the lab with no possibility of mix-up.

eCommerce cuts our staffing needs and we pass the savings on to you. We discuss this further in our FAQ Why So Cheap? How So Fast?

Laboratories do not often make mistakes. 2x double-blind testing is designed to catch those rare instances when something has gone wrong so that you will have complete confidence in the results of your DNA Paternity Test.

Every person is tested twice using completely different machines and laboratory personnel for each test. The results are then compared by a forensic scientist. Any deviation between the two runs is cause to re-run the test.

We are fanatics about test quality. We only work with laboratories that are both AABB accredited and ISO 17025-2005 certified. We also require our contract labs to add loci as necessary to compensate for genetic abnormalities at no additional cost to our clients. We do not charge extra for the extensive analysis required to differentiate among close male relatives. We do not charge extra to test the mother’s DNA. We do not charge extra to test each person twice to assure that no mistakes have been made.

Unsure which buttons to click to place your order? Click here for step-by-step instructions with lots of pictures.

  • Purpose of Test – This is an informational test for your own personal knowledge. While there is nothing to prevent you from printing your test report and submitting it to the authorities, we do not offer it for that purpose. We discuss the difficulty of using home DNA tests for official purposes further in our FAQ.
  • Select the number of extra participants if you need to test additional children or alleged fathers. There is a small charge for each additional participant however we do not charge for the extensive analysis that must be performed to differentiate among related alleged parents as long as they are submitted together. Related potential fathers will have many genes in common so if the possible fathers are related, then you MUST either test them all or purchase our extended panel in order to rely on the results. In general, it is less expensive to test all possible fathers/mothers and children together than to run additional tests at a later date.
  • Choose whether you are going to use your own cotton buds (aka Q-Tips) or have us send you some. Ours are very nice and we offer them for free however it is faster, more private, and you save the cost of shipping if you obtain your supplies locally. We provide detailed instructions by email. We are happy to send you supplies if you later change your mind so please be sure that your ship-to address is accurate.

When privacy is a major concern, please be certain to select “Nothing to Ship” when you check out to assure that we do not inadvertently mail you supplies.

You have two possibilities for determining paternity when the father is deceased or unwilling to cooperate with your testing:

  1. Obtain DNA from his close relatives and perform a family relationship study. Do not order this option if any of his relatives could also be a potential father.
  2. Collect his DNA from objects on which he has deposited it such as his toothbrush. There is an extra charge for processing these alternative sources of DNA however it is usually less costly than ordering a family relationship study or genetic reconstruction. You have many choices for these Alternative Sources of DNA. We provide a Sortable & Searchable Table of Alternative DNA Sources to assist you in selecting the least costly source of DNA that fits your circumstance.

Please read our FAQ for further information regarding Testing Deceased and Uncooperative Persons

It only takes the lab 2-3 days to run routine DNA paternity tests. Shipping of the test kit to you and then your specimens to the lab is the determining factor as to how quickly you receive your test results.

You can have your results about a week after ordering if you provide your own cotton buds (aka Q-Tips) and ship your specimens via 3 day FedEx or similar. We discuss your options in our FAQ.

We have a library of example DNA test reports that you may freely download to see how results are reported. The downloads are handled as zero cost products.